Pregnancy Journey: Week 20

Size of Baby: Banana
Weight Gain: I actually lost 1 lb. from my 4 lb. gain last week, so I weigh 126.5 lbs.  I’m guessing that some of those 4 lbs. were probably water weight.  I am feeling better about myself due to the increased mileage in walking and doing 3 30 minute strength training sessions in my living room in a week.
How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling good this week.  I have been walking a lot since the temperatures finally got cooler.  My back (SI joint specifically on the right side) has been acting up a little bit, but it’s much better than it was a few years ago when I first hurt it.  Up to this point, I had no back pain at all.  My walks seem to loosen things up.  I would say I notice it, but if this is as bad as it gets, I’ll be happy.  It doesn’t interfere with my life activities at all, so that’s all I ask.  I hope on my 14 hour car ride next week (when I MOVE TO DENVER), it doesn’t get too stiff.  I went to the chiropractor on Friday so it didn’t get worse.  I didn’t feel like he really did anything for me though.

I still have heartburn all the time, but I did take less Tums this week, so it must be getting better.

I also need to drink more water.  My pee started to get a little cloudy in the mornings and it sometimes burns (not sure if that’s yeast or my urinary system).

I felt emotional this week.  I think with last week’s weight gain, it set my old crazy habits into a downward spiral.  I knew before I got pregnant that weight gain would be an issue for myself; one that I would have to accept and become comfortable with.  I’m sure most women feel this way.  I worked really hard for the past few years to become comfortable in my own skin through exercising and addressing my eating habits.  I no longer wanted to have the diet mentality and then go on binging sprees, so I read “Intuitive Eating” and really tried to apply those principles.  It was a work in progress for years, but I really felt like I had accomplished it before I got pregnant.  Now with pregnancy, I have eaten foods that I wouldn’t have been comfortable eating before (with lots of additives, sugar and fat) because they aren’t healthy (not only because of gaining weight).  Once I saw the 4 lb. gain last week, I freaked out and started thinking that my view towards food had gone out the window and I was back to square one.  Since being finished with school and clinic, being home more, and waiting to move to Denver, I have caught myself grazing much more throughout the day (even when I’m not hungry), which I’m sure is the cause of this.  Anyways, I got really upset with myself for about 3 days.  I feel flabby and have cellulite everywhere.

Our friends had their baby girl this past weekend, so we went to the hospital to see them.  Instantly when I found out she went into labor, something clicked inside my brain and made me realize that there is an end result and that is a beautiful baby.  It made me realize that this is all worth it and also so excited to meet Aiden (his name!).  Towards the end of the week, all I could think about was how ready I am already!  I still have 4 glorious months to go, but I did realize that it will be my time in the near future to go into labor and meet him.  I am honestly so excited to go through labor now too!

Doctor’s Appointment:  No appointment until Halloween when I get to meet my new midwives group in Denver.  I spent the last 4 days (since our friend’s baby was born) researching everything baby (not that I wasn’t already). I’m excited to see Denver Rose Hospital and meet our midwife and doula.

What I’m Eating:
Appetite is the same as last week.  I am trying to eat healthier (especially since I realized how much weight in a weight I could gain).  

Exercise: I have still been walking with Otis everyday and still loving it.  We have been going 3 miles everyday and I’m loving the extra distance.  We usually go for another shorter walk in the evenings with David to get Otis’ energy out before bed.  I also did a strength training workout at home with some lunges, squats, pushups, tricep dips, calf raises and planks and my legs are still SORE 4 days later.  It’s time to do that routine again!

What I Miss: Nothing.

I’m so excited to get the baby’s room set up in Denver and sign up for some classes at the hospital (like prenatal yoga) to get me ready for labor.  I almost have the same excitement towards this as I did with my first marathon.  I have always been one to want to push my body to extremes and an unmedicated birth is definitely one extreme.  That’s not the only reason though.  I also think it’s better for the baby, there is less risk of c-section, I’m scared of an epidural, and I really want to feel this process.  I want to feel myself push and feel the baby coming out.  Other people have done this and made it through, so I think I can too.

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