Pregnancy Journey: Week 19

Size of Baby: Mango

Weight Gain: I gained 4 lbs. this week.  EEEKK.  I ate kinda crappy, but I didn’t think it was this bad.  Water weight maybe?  I have now gained 10 lbs and I am up to 127.8 lbs.

How I’m Feeling: This week I had a weird occurrence on my walk on Tuesday.  I was walking along talking to my mom and all of a sudden, I felt faint and weak.  I made it home and felt that way the entire rest of the day.  I was nervous, but knew it was a symptom that could happen.  I felt like I didn’t have enough blood, so I looked up iron deficiency and I think that was probably the case.  My pre-natal vitamin only had 18 mg of iron and a pregnant woman is supposed to get 27-30 mg of iron each day.  I know that food can add up the rest, but I don’t think I was getting enough or something.  I started a new prenatal vitamin, Rainbow Light, and it’s excellent.  There is three times more magnesium in this pill, more iron and also has a strain of probiotics in it.  The best thing of all is that I only have to take 1 pill!

I have also had heart burn again this week.  Bananas are big culprits, oatmeal sometimes, and sugary food.  Perhaps I shouldn’t eat these foods, but I just love them.  If I ate lean meat with veggies for each meal, I wouldn’t have heartburn most likely, but it hasn’t gotten so bad yet.  I can deal with it most of the time without taking anything.  It’s just an annoyance.

I have to pee all the time!

I figured out how to sleep better finally!  I sleep with one pillow between my knees, hugging one pillow at my chest and one under my head.  I wake up MUCH less stiff than I used to.  I also think I’m getting used to sleeping on my side and not tossing and turning so much anymore.  My mom told me that she read on the internet that a woman that sleeps on her back is six times more likely to have a stillborn baby… on my side it is.

Still feeling lazy, but that’s nothing new and I’m not sure I can totally relate this to pregnancy. I finished clinic at school this week and I think I’m just burnt out slightly.

Doctor’s Appointment:  
No appointment until Halloween when I get to meet my new midwives group in Denver.  So excited:)

What I’m Eating: Everything again. I even mustered myself up for some steamed bell peppers and onions in a spaghetti squash casserole.  I must say that food that doesn’t taste good to me makes me feel nauseous, but that’s not that often.  I also craved candy corn which gave me horrible heartburn and I knew it would!

Exercise: I have still been walking with Otis everyday and still loving it.  On the weekends, David comes with us and it’s even better.  We walked 3 miles twice this week and I think that’s a great distance for us.  Otis is just pissed about being stuck in the apartment lately.  We’ve stopped going to the dog park because he’s allergic to something there.  Anyways, he needs to get out more, so it’s perfect.  I did a yoga video one day for a little bit and I think I’m going to incorporate yoga videos at home twice per week.  I used to be so good at sticking with schedules, but not anymore.  I feel tired after our walks now.

What I Miss: Nothing

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