Pregnancy Journey: Week 18

Size of Baby: Bell Pepper
Weight Gain: I think about 6 lbs. now.  I now weigh 123.6 lbs – up 1 from last week.

How I’m Feeling: I am not going to lie I forgot to do this right after week 18, so we are into week 19 now and I semi-forgot some of the symptoms I’ve been having.  I know that heartburn is here with a vengeance.  Bananas get me lots and randomly other foods too.  If I’m too hungry, I’ll get it then too.  It’s not that bad.  Most of the time, I just deal with it and it goes away and sometimes I’ll pop a Tums.  I heard from someone at school to drink some apple cider vinegar in some water and that could work, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I think everything else is fairly similar to last week.  Still feeling a little short of breath.  I have some growing pains in my stomach sometimes, especially when I wake up.  I have noticed that upon waking, I’m pretty stiff.  I think it stems from my stomach region and then radiates to my back and hamstrings.  Once I get up, I’m fine though.  I also have to pee all the time.  I think sometimes I ignore it while I’m sleeping and that’s part of the stomach discomfort in the morning because I always have to pee soooo bad when I wake up.

I have gotten a few headaches, but I got a new humidifier (filterless) and it works much better than my old one and since then, I’ve had no headaches as long as I hydrate.

Other than that, I’m feeling lazy, but that’s been the same way since I got pregnant.  I have a whole house to pack and I can’t seem to make myself actually pack a box.  Better luck next week.

Doctor’s Appointment:  We had the anatomy scan ultrasound this week and everything looks good thank God.  He was in a weird position for the tech, but at the end he ended up moving and all was good.  

What I’m Eating: Pretty much back to normal.  I am loving Chobani greek yogurt (which is nothing new) and creamy bran cereal in the mornings.  I think I’m mostly back to my old self!  I haven’t even had any notable cravings this week (as I can remember).

Exercise: I have still been walking with Otis everyday and loving it.  We are starting to go further, which is nice.  The weather is cooler and I’m getting more stamina.  I also did the Insanity cardio recovery one day, which is a bunch of lunges and squats just at a normal pace instead of jumping while doing them.  I was pretty sore after doing that, but it was good.  I did incorporate a little bit of running with my walking 2 times.  I definitely notice that if I get too out of breath, I feel dizzy.  I am going to try to continue that, but I think I’ve made the realization that I’m just not going to be a pregnant runner.  With the move to Denver at that altitude, I think it’ll be even harder.  I’ve come to terms with it and will still try to jog little spurts in my walks, but that’s probably going to be it.  I’m content with walking for now.

What I Miss: I still miss feeling non-pregnant sometimes, but I realized this week that there is a baby in my stomach (I know it sounds weird, but it’s just so unbelievable that it was hard for me to wrap my head around).  I’m getting excited to meet him, so it makes me excited for the future too:)I took my last board exam this week and passed, so that was exciting.  We also closed on our house from afar, so that was also exciting, but a little bit nerve-wracking getting all the required paperwork in.  I was pretty tired after the week, but I recovered with David all weekend and it was perfect.

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