Pregnancy Journey: Week 17

Size of Baby: Sweet Potato

Weight Gain:  I think about 5 lbs. now.  I now weigh 122.4.

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling good this week. The headaches are gone and there have been no unfortunate puking sessions.  I have more energy too.  I have been studying a ton for my last board which I take at the beginning of week 18.  I had this sharp pain in my left lower abdomen that I’m assuming is round ligament pain.  My doctor told me I should start feeling that anytime and I think that day I started feeling it.  It’s uncomfortable for sure.  It’s sharp and feels like I’m tearing something in there.  I still occasionally have period-like cramps in my lower abdomen which I’m told is normal throughout the entire pregnancy.When I wake up, I feel like I need to do upward dog for 10 minutes.  My abs feel like extremely tight muscles.  I foam rolled my hips, glutes and lower back one day and that’s never hurt so bad in my life.  I haven’t done it for 4 months and man did I feel it.

Another pretty pregnancy symptom that I’ve noticed is hairiness.  My stomach now has peach fuzz!  It’s not dark but definitely thicker than ever before.

My boobs are forever sore.  They are huge now and just as sore as they were in week 5-ish.

I’ve been meaning to write that I have major pregnancy brain, but I forgot (no pun intended).  I feel like I’m getting dementia or something.  I can’t remember anything these days.  There are times that I can’t think of words when I’m having a conversation.  It’s a little frustrating.  Pregnancy brain is definitely a real thing.

I also have shortness of breath after any activity and have for weeks; I’ve just forgotten to mention it.

I’m still waiting to feel the baby.  I think it should be anytime now.  I was told I have an anterior placenta, so that might mean that it’ll take longer to feel him, but I’ll be protected later in pregnancy too.

Doctor’s Appointment:  No appointment this week, but next week is the 20 week ultrasound:)  We obviously already know it’s a boy, but we’re excited to see him again and make sure everything is going well in there.

What I’m Eating: My appetite is continuing to get back to normal.  I loved my turkey sandwiches from last week although I didn’t eat them again.  I want a plain ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich so bad, but I’m trying to avoid peanut products because I’ve heard that when pregnant women consume peanut products, the chance of a peanut allergy in the baby increases.  There isn’t really any conclusive evidence, but in the event that is true, I feel like I can go without peanuts for a while.  As I’m typing this, I want a cheeseburger made on the grill really bad.  I definitely have cravings, but I am able to say no to them (much better than 1st trimester).  I know that I need to eat healthy for both myself and the baby, so I can’t be giving into every craving that I have.  Mexican food sounds fine still, but I no longer need it.  At this point, pretty much all food sounds good.

Exercise: No new news here… just walking all the time.

What I Miss:
I miss feeling non-pregnant.  I want to work up a good sweat and run to my little heart’s desire.  I wish I wouldn’t have listened to my doctor about not getting my heart rate above 140 bpm.  I was really active before I got pregnant and my body was used to this.  I’m sad that I have to wait until the end to run again because I feel good and I have a huge urge to run.  I think I’m going to talk to my doctor about this again next week because it’s really bothering me.  I need my endorphins back.

Only 4 more weeks until we move to Denver.  Next week is big.  I take my last board test, we have an ultrasound and we close on our house.  Fingers crossed everything goes well.

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