Pregnancy Journey: Week 16

Size of Baby: Turnip

How I’m Feeling: Every week keeps on getting better now.  When I wake up, I have some slight stiffness that goes away within a couple minutes of getting up.  It’s nothing bad at all… very minor.  I’ve gotten a little bit more heartburn, but I’m sure it has to do with what I’m eating (dairy or wheat).  I have had issues with heartburn since I was a little girl, so this is nothing too new for me.  I rarely feel nauseous.  I will dry heave if something grosses me out, but the all-day nausea is gone!  We traveled to Denver this weekend for David to run the ½ marathon there and do some stuff for the house.  I was sad that I was unable to run, but it was fun to watch him (and there was some semi-relief that I got to sip Starbucks while he ran 13 miles), but overall I do really miss racing and running events.  I can hardly wait to get back to it:) I am definitely in maternity clothes now.  I tried the belly band and I hated it.  First of all, my hips have also gotten wider, so it’s not just my stomach that has grown.  I hope the hip growth is over, but who knows.  My old jeans and pants just don’t feel comfortable at all.  Secondly, with the belly band, I feel like I have so many contraptions going on under my clothes that I can’t move.  I feel like I must sit still so nothing moves.  Maternity pants are a God send.  I found some jeans at target that don’t have a panel really, they just have a small elastic waist that doesn’t feel suffocating either.  I could wear those pants 24 hours a day, which is saying alot because I’m not a jeans fan anyways.  I rarely think they feel comfortable.  I’ve found a few tighter fitting maternity shirts that are long and actually accentuate the bump instead of making me feel like a deflated balloon or a tent.  Target is great for maternity clothes.  I’ve also noticed that I’ve been a little hormonal this week. Little things have set me off.  I think it’s due to moving soon, buying a house, trying to study for a board, being pregnant, and tying loose ends up at school.  I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed and I feel like people are asking me stuff all day everyday.  AHHHH.  I’m hoping that in the next few weeks things ease up and we’ll be good too.  Overall I am feeling much happier about being pregnant.  I can see the bump, I know there’s a baby in there and I don’t feel like I have the flu everyday.

I have been getting headaches quite a few days of the week.  Drinking tons of water seems to help a little bit, but not completely.  They aren’t so bad that I need to take Tylenol (or rather I’m able to lay down if I need to), but they are quite annoying and I’m ready for them to go away.

I had one unfortunate situation of puking.  I came home from the doctor and felt fine, ate my salad and it tasted fine and then the minute I finished… projectile vomiting ensued.  I’m hoping this is the last vomit session!

Doctor’s Appointment:  
No appointment this week, but next week.

What I’m Eating: I made my old standby salad this week and ate it for a couple days actually.  It has garbanzo beans, kidney beans, romaine, corn, croutons and avocado and then I make a honey mustard dressing.  David and I used to eat this for lunch nearly every day and then we stopped and now I think I might be back to it.  It feels much better eating this than craving french fries non-stop like the 1st trimester.  I got back on Chobani greek yogurt.  I don’t really want to eat that because I know how terrible dairy is for me, but it tastes like gold right now and I know there are worse things, but I’m going to try to limit it to every few days.  A weird craving that I have it a chicken sandwich with avocado.  I used to like this, but it was never at the very top of my list, but lately every time we have been in a restaurant that’s what I want.  I really want a turkey sandwich, but pregnant women aren’t supposed to have deli meat, so I have avoided.  I think I could eat a turkey sandwich for every meal these days.  I’m happy that I’m wanting some healthier food now instead of fast food:)

Exercise: No new news here… just walking all the time.  At school, we do Tai Chi just once a week, but I’m starting to enjoy doing that, so I would like to continue that too.  It’s just hard to do without a teacher in the beginning of learning it.

Only 5 more weeks until we move to Denver.  I couldn’t be happier to get there as it’s always hard to leave there and my mom.

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