Pregnancy Journey: Week 15

Size of Baby: Avocado

How I’m Feeling: Despite some allergies and sinus headaches, I’ve felt pretty good this week.  I think the nausea is winding down quite a bit as are the sugar cravings and I feel the need to eat healthy food now too (even though unhealthy food still sounds good, but when doesn’t it?).  I felt a little crampy on Wednesday at school, so I decided to take a prenatal vitamin because I didn’t have any magnesium with me.  Well about 2 hours later, I was projectile vomiting in the bathroom about 10 times.  I felt just fine after that though.  I don’t think that was related to pregnancy; that was related to the fact that prenatal vitamins are one of the worst things about pregnancy.  I find myself having to pee all the time and if I hold it for a even a little bit, my stomach hurts bad after I go.  Toward the end of the week, my back has felt a little bit stiff when I wake up in the mornings, but that’s from a bunch of different factors such as how I’m sleeping, having to pee and being in bed for too many hours because I’m still sleepy.  I also have random times where it feels like I’m having period cramps, but my doctor tells me that’s normal throughout the entire pregnancy.  The ol’ pregnancy constipation is in full swing too, which isn’t fun, but oatmeal usually does the trick.

Doctor’s Appointment:  We didn’t have a doctor’s appointment per say, but we did go to a place called Stork Vision for a gender revealing ultrasound and found out immediately it’s a boy!!  We have a monthly appointment next week.

What I’m Eating: I’m still eating just about anything. When David cooks stir fried veggies on the stove, I still can’t eat that, but that’s about my only aversion.  I REALLY want a turkey, avocado and cream cheese sandwich, but I’m not supposed to have deli meats… I don’t know what to think about this.  I might have to cave in a have one.  I also had an iced chai tea latte this week from Starbucks.  I ordered a tall size and dumped some out so there wouldn’t be too much caffeine.  I was sitting in class later in the morning and had a few cramps, so I probably won’t be consuming too much chai tea.  David brought me home a chocolate donut this week from work and that tasted like gold.  I am LOVING frosting lately… Yeah, we gotta kick that ASAP.  I think today I’m going to make my old standby salad with romaine, chickpeas, kidney beans, corn, avocado and homemade honey mustard dressing.  I need more veggies!  I have been eating either pancakes or oatmeal everyday for breakfast, which helps with the constipation.

Exercise: I’m still walking nearly everyday and I love it.  One day last week, it had rained in the morning and then stopped right before I was going out to walk.  I leashed Otis up and we started down the street and he hated the wet ground on his feet and pulled me to let him go home.  I took him home and went by myself and it seemed like the longest walk in history.  It’s definitely more fun when you have someone to go with!  Because I don’t want the back pain to get out of control, I’m going to start stretching a ton more and doing planks.  I’m still working on getting more body weight exercises in.  I do them some days, but I could definitely use more now that I’m feeling better.  When we move to Denver in a month, I’m also going to do some yoga.

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