Pregnancy Journey: Week 14

For my graduation celebration, my aunt ordered us virgin pina coladas for the house.
Size of Baby: Navel Orange

How I’m Feeling:
This week has been pretty good.  I don’t have a yeast infection anymore due to taking Monistat a few weeks ago.  David was off on Monday for Labor Day, so we got to spend that together, which was really fun.  We went on a long walk in the morning and lounged around the house the rest of the day.  Tuesday, I had my board exam and I passed!!  That was a big relief for me; now just one more left in a month.  Wednesday I went to school all day and had Tai Chi after clinic.  I felt alright there.  I have been getting sinus headaches lately. There is such a thing as pregnancy rhinitis apparently from the increased blood flow to the mucus membranes, so I’m definitely feeling this.  I have been using the Neti pot, which is minimally helping.  Thursday, my mom, sister and brother-in-law came into town for my graduation on Saturday.  I felt great while they were here.  I had no bouts of nausea!  We went up to Scottsdale for the weekend and I had no headaches, just some stuffiness, so I think there might be something in the air where I live (maybe Otis’ dander, but I still love him).  We ate lots and lots of junk food, which was gross, but also tasted great!Doctor’s Appointment:  None

What I’m Eating: Pretty much anything! We ate really unhealthy while my family was here, but it all tasted wonderful.  I finally got a donut which I have wanted for many months before I even got pregnant.  It was just as good as I imagined.  David made us an Asian pear salad on Friday night that we ate with the best steak I’ve had in forever, so I got some veggies in too.  I still have cravings, but my aversions aren’t so strong anymore!  Since getting home from Scottsdale, I’ve tried to eat more fruits and veggies and less greasy foods.  It feels good to eat healthier.  I’m finally craving that feeling of eating healthy again.

Still walking everyday and I can’t miss it.  I don’t go on Wednesday mornings because of school, but other than that, everyday!  The weather has been much cooler and even rainy, so that’s nice.  I have also added some body weight exercises into the mix.  I have been doing some lunges, squats, tri dips, push ups, and planks.  I would like to keep going with this now.  I’m almost back to myself I think:)
Overall successful weekend:)

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