Pregnancy Journey: Week 13

Size of Baby: Medium Shrimp

How I’m Feeling: Again, not too much has changed this week.  I think the nausea has gotten a little better because there were times that I didn’t have any.  I have learned to eat regularly because if I do, it rears its ugly head.  It’s such a double-edged sword with eating.  All I want is crap food like Sprite, greasy food, chips, fries, etc. that make me feel bad, but if I don’t eat them, I puke.  The joys of pregnancy.  I had what I hope is my last throw-up session Thursday on the ride to school.  I drank my pre-natal vitamin, which doesn’t taste wonderful, but I can stomach usually.  Well, David was driving and by the time we got close to school, I had to go into a restaurant bathroom and throw up about 5 times.  Dear God, please be the last time.  Otherwise, I’m feeling fine.

Doctor’s Appointment:  None

What I’m Eating: I have expanded my horizons briefly, such as eating a homemade Caesar salad with vegan dressing.  That tasted really good! I ate some chili, which was also good and then some more junk food too!  I’m trying to get more fruits in also.  I have been eating lots of oatmeal for breakfast which hits the spot.

Exercise: I’ve continued with the walking everyday with Otis.  I can hardly wait for cooler temperatures because I’m actually starting to enjoy the morning walks and they are part of my routine now.

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