Pregnancy Journey: Week 12

Size of Baby: Peach

How I’m Feeling: On Monday of this week, I felt great. I got lots of studying done and I walked and then studied in the evening with David and we went to the gym for a short session.  I felt almost back to my old self.  Then Tuesday, I couldn’t lift my head off my pillow after my morning walk with Otis.  I don’t know what happened to me, but I’ve never felt so tired in my life.  I was okay on Wednesday at clinic.  The nausea held off.  The weather here has been monsooning every night, so its really damp here and I saw tons of people in the clinic with colds and sinus infections and I think I have one myself.  I woke up Wednesday with a sinus headache, but I took some Tylenol and that warded it off a little bit.  Due to the insane amounts of processed sugar I’ve been consuming over the past weeks to ward off nausea, I have a small yeast infection too.  My usual remedies for that are contraindicated during pregnancy, so I used monistat 7.  I was really unsure about it, but the doctor and pharmacist reassured me it would be okay.  The biggest thing this week related to pregnancy is the drop in energy levels.  This is a bad time for that because I was supposed to be cramming for another board exam on September 4.

Doctor’s Appointment:  We had an appointment on Thursday to check the cyst with an ultrasound and just a monthly appointment.  I had lots of questions for the doctor like reassuring myself the magnesium supplements are safe, about probiotics, etc.

What I’m Eating: Chipotle still is my favorite.  It makes me feel great after eating it.  I have no aversions to it (other than the massive amount of guacamole that put on it, so I haven’t been getting that).  I’ve been eating almond yogurt and corn flakes for breakfast every morning this week, which has tasted good also.  Other meals are random and I can’t even think what I eat.  Honestly, it’s usually some rendition of homemade Chipotle if I’m not there eating it.  Mexican food is the only thing that really sounds good right now. Hmmm….

Exercise: The only thing I’ve really been doing it taking Otis on walks in the mornings.  It’s nice to get out and get moving.  In my previous life, I wouldn’t have considered this any form of exercise, but now it’s the exercise I get and that’s okay.  I’ve accepted that for the time being.

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