Pregnancy Journey: Week 11

Size of Baby: Large Prune
How I’m Feeling: I felt pretty good this week.  I was in Nebraska for half of it and my mom and I walked 2.5 miles and didn’t feel too bad.  I still had episodes of vomiting though.  On the night I came back from Nebraska, I got home to David and I think between the flying and the busy day, I was worn out and didn’t feel good.  I threw up all night (think like when you were little and the stomach flu).  I’ve realized that I never feel good in the grocery store either.  I think it’s a combination between having to go out in the heat and being around varieties of food, but that place just sets me off into a downward spell of nausea.  Good thing for Chipotle because that ALWAYS makes me feel better.  Other than that, there were no weird symptoms that I had.  I felt like I had a little peak in energy and was able to get some stuff accomplished.

Doctor’s Appointment:  No doctor’s appointment this week.

What I’m Eating: Same as last week… nothing too new.  As much as I really want foods with eggs, dairy and wheat in them, I have to watch it.  I know those foods cause me problems, so that’s my new goal.

Exercise: I took a 2.5 mile walk with my mom on the golf course in Nebraska and it was wonderful.  When I got back, I continued walking most days with Otis, which has been really nice too.  My back has felt good, so no complaints there either.

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