San Francisco Trip + New Challenge

I totally forgot that I hadn’t shared the rest of the pictures from our trip last weekend… better late than never right?  Anyways, after the wedding, our friends, Ashley and Keith, and David and I ventured to spend Saturday night in San Francisco.  Unbeknownst to Ashley, we all knew there was a specific purpose for this trip… so Keith could propose to her!

Keith wanted to find a beach to propose on, so we drove for a little bit trying to find the “perfect” area with easy parking and access without thousands of people nearby.  After a few minutes, we found the perfect spot!  I actually video taped the engagement, so I don’t have pictures of that right now, but I have this one of the two of them after it!  David and I are both so excited they are engaged!

And David and I.

To celebrate, we went to a local bar called “The Pub” and got a round of drinks while we waited to check into our hotel room and figure out what we wanted to do for the day.

We ended up checking into our hotel, hanging out for a bit and then walking up monstrous hills to eat at a Japanese restaurant.  I totally spaced out the name of it…  Then the boys wanted to watch the UFC fight, so we went to an Irish pub to watch that for the rest of the night.  I was completely exhausted by the end of that and made it an early night.  David and I got up early in the morning (or our usual 5:30 am) and went on a long walk through the financial district, Chinatown and down by the Embarcadero where we snapped these pictures.  I also really wanted to shop around some Chinatown shops and I purchased three scarves for $15!

On our way out of town, I made David find the painted ladies and drive by them for me.  Was Full House anyone else’s all-time favorite show growing up!?  I wanted to go to San Francisco and see those houses every time I watched an episode growing up!  That was the excitement of my trip haha. They are in a super cute area of town that I really want to check out next time I’m there.

Yoga Challenge

I am challenging myself to go to at least 2 yoga classes per week this for a month and I hope beyond that.  I love yoga, but just can’t seem to make the time commitment to it lately.  I know I’ll feel better mentally and physically and there is no excuse that it shouldn’t fit into my schedule.  I am starting to study for boards now and that break from life will do me, my mind and my sore shoulders some good!  I hope some of you will join the challenge with me and keep me accountable.  I know David will also!

Have you been to San Francisco?

Did you love Full House?

How often do you do yoga?

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