Brandon and Briana’s Wedding

As you may remember, this past weekend, David and I traveled to Northern California (Auburn area) so David could be the best-man in one of his good friend’s wedding.

We stayed at Monte Verde Inn, which was the wedding and reception venue as well.  We shared a room with another couple that we are good friends with also.  Here is my friend Ashley and I before the wedding.

The best man and I.  Anyone remember this dress!?

David and Keith (Ashley’s fiancee) doing their duties during the wedding.

The bride and groom.

The place settings.

The cake!

David giving the best-man speech.

David and I with the bride and groom.

It was a very good weekend with lots of laughs and fun.  After the wedding, David and I and Keith and Ashley drove up to San Francisco for another eventful day.  More details to come…

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