1000 Rep Workout

This workout has been floating around the web a little bit lately.  I closely followed this one, but still changed a few things.  I loved it!  I was looking for a break from Insanity today to go to the gym with David, but I still wanted a nice butt kicking workout that combined cardio and full-body strength training.  I hit the jackpot.  I was a sweaty mess with my whole body sufficiently worked out.  The amount of weight I used for some of them is the TOTAL weight.  For example, for the squats, I used two 15 lbs. dumbbells that equaled 30 lbs.  Got it? Easy peasy.  Anyways, I highly recommend this workout to break the monotony.  You only have to do each exercise 1 time and it took me about 30 minutes… try to do them with as little rest as possible!

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