Happy Summer

I know that most of us think that Memorial Day kicks off summer, but in my mind, I think of June 1 as the first day of summer, so here we are at June 1! Summers are always so much fun.  It seems like everyone lightens up just a little bit, there is more time for fun stuff, the days are longer, and people have more time off.  There are vacations to go to, drinks to drink, pools to swim in, and BBQs to be eaten at.  I have no idea how we are almost 6 months into this year, but I love summer and it’s here!


I plan on being at the pool and BBQing with friends this weekend! My Friday Favorites will be back next week.


What are you doing this weekend?

What’s your favorite season or do you have one?  I actually like all the seasons for very different reasons.


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