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I hope everyone has had a great healthy week!  I just realized how busy I am with school this summer.  Wheeew.  I did a few extra clinic shifts this week, took my pharm test on Monday, which went really well, and had a couple classes.  I was tired by Thursday.  The busyness is coming to an end in just a short 2 weeks though, then I actually get a semi summer break (with the exception of cracking the books for my national board exams).  Anyways, enough rambling… here are this weeks Friday’s favorites.

Favorite dessert.  Grain Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites.  These look mouth watering and I am actually salivating looking at them right now.  The best thing about them is that they have no eggs, grains, or dairy (if you use vegan chocolate chips).  I can see myself making these in the near future.

Favorite Relaxation Idea.  Reclaimed Oak Tub Caddy.  I think I could make myself study for hours if I had this little tool and I think my body would like it too.  Last weekend, after studying for so many hours, my body felt like I ran a 1/2 marathon.  I was so achy and it was pathetic because I just sat there and did nothing physical, but that prolonged sitting will getcha.  Anyways, this looks like bliss.

Favorite water bottle.  This is actually about 99% true for me, so why not have a water bottle that says it?

Favorite breakfast recipe.  Blueberry and Cream Cheese Monkey Bread.  I feel this puts a delicious new spin on the traditional butterscotch cinnamon roll monkey bread.

Favorite kitchen.  This granite island is probably my ideal kitchen table in my dream home.

Favorite summer salad. Rainbow Asian Slaw.  This colorful refreshing salad looks like it would hit the spot on a hot summer day.  You would for sure be getting all your nutrients with all those colors too! YUM!  I find it hard to eat heavy meals when the temperature is 112 degrees as it will be in the next few days in Phoenix, so light salads are good.

Favorite event decor.  Paper Lanterns. This is obviously for a wedding, but I think it would work for any party too! I love all the color and lights.

Favorite DIY project. Polka Dot Etched Drinking Glasses.  I’ve featured stuff on this blog before because she does any project you could imagine from recipes to crafts and other projects like this one.  How cute are these glasses?!

Favorite Mexican-ish dish.  Southwestern Black Bean Salad. On the other end of the ethnic spectrum, I love making this southwest salad. I could probably eat some rendition of this everyday.

Favorite bathroom. This is a beautiful bathroom and I doubt there is anyone that would disagree.

There you have it for this weeks interesting internet finds.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and stay cool!

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