Friday Favorites

This week I haven’t been online as much as usual because I have a huge pharmacology midterm coming up Monday.  It’s a directed study class, so I’ve had to teach myself everything and it’s tons of info.  Anyways, that’s where I’ve been this week, but I’ve had a little time to scour the internet too.

Favorite maxi dress. I’ve said this before but I love color blocks.  This dress looks amazingly comfortable as well as cute.  It’s a bit pricey, but you can get it here.

Favorite kitchen storage/decor item. I this this post will say it enough, but I love shabby chic decor and this definitely hits the spot with that.  I love older pieces (or new pieces that look tarnished). This was featured on the Better Homes and Garden website for cute storage ideas in the kitchen.

Favorite vacation idea. This folks is Kauai, Hawaii.  David and I went on our honeymoon last year and we had such a great time.  It’s quiet and quaint, but doesn’t lack beauty in the least.  It’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been.  Picture found via Pinterest.

Favorite information. I knew I always loved Target clearance prices, but I never knew what days specific things went on sale, so here is the strategic plan for Target sales.  Mommysavers is a website that has a lot more tips on how to save at Target as well as lots of other ways to save money.

Favorite window treatment idea. Again with the shabby chic, but how cute is this? Just a simple flower adds lots to this window. Itsy Bits and Pieces has lots of great decor ideas with a similar style to this.

Favorite holiday food idea. I love celebrating holiday festively, so I thought this was perfect to bring to a 4th of July BBQ.  Found via The Bearfoot Baker.

Favorite bracelet.  I also love bracelets and wear several of them on my left arm at one time. I love these little beads and the pearls on them!  These are sold at Studio Blue Jewelry, but I found them on Pinterest and their site isn’t up and running yet.  Bummer.

Favorite flowers. These are obviously beautiful for a wedding, but I would love to see them sitting on my kitchen table as well.  My wedding flowers were peonies, so I guess I have a thing for them, but I think they are so beautiful.


Favorite saying.  Not that David and I fight incessantly or anything, but marriage is always about compromising and people always mess up in some small way or another (me more than him), so I appreciate the fact David is very forgiving to me during those times.  It also happened to be our 13th month anniversary yesterday!

That’s it for this week.  I can hardly wait for next week when I have some time to breathe and 10 lbs. have been lifted from my shoulders when this test is over.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay cool.

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