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Friday Favorites

I haven’t posted in one week eeeek.  Time honestly got away from me and I was really preoccupied with my pharmacology test that I took yesterday morning!  On both Monday and Wednesday, I completely forgot until the day was over.  Anyways, I passed the class with flying colors and now it’s OVER!  A big sigh of… Continue Reading

Friday Favorites

Favorite DIY Jewelry. I adore bracelets and the more the better with me.  I guess I still haven’t grown out of that phase in my life yet.  Also, how cute is that heart ring? Favorite candle holder idea. I think since my husband is a California boy, he would probably enjoy a bit of the ocean… Continue Reading

Polenta Pizza

This is going to be a quick post because I’m running late!  This weekend I found some pre-made polenta in my in cupboard and started looking up recipes for what I could do with it.  I figured out that people actually made polenta pizza and decided this would be a good start for me.  This… Continue Reading