Why I Love Spinning

I’m done with classes for the spring semester!!!  It’s all downhill from here.  I took more classes this semester than I have to take in summer and fall semester combined.  Loud sigh**

Lately, I have been going to Lifetime for spinning classes at least once a week, but this week I’m going at least two.  I have gone to spinning classes since I was in high school when my mom dragged me to then (with love, of course).  I have fallen in and out of love with them several times in my life.  I have now fallen back in love with them and here’s why!

1. I love group exercise classes.  There is something about having a class time as an appointment that makes me go as well as not having to think of my own workout and having the uplifting energy of several people around you.  I also think that music makes a group fitness class.  Most of the spinning teachers play great music that makes me happy to spin to.  I catch a beat and pedal my little legs out to my heart’s content.  Last Monday, however, I went to a new class time and the music was awful.  It was alternative rock (with usually is okay, but wasn’t in spin).  The class was ultra hard and the music wasn’t keeping my mind in the game.  I actually left after 45 minutes, but I still had a great workout.

2. It’s low impact.  I love running, but it’s so darn hard on my body day after day year after year.  I don’t think there is anything that can take the runner’s high away, but the hard core sweat in spinning comes close.  However, I can come out of a spin class with burning muscles and sweat dripping and not feel achy as I do running sometimes.  A lot of people can do spinning class that are unable to run, so it’s great for everyone.

3. It burns a ton of calories and it’s a darn good workout. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a sweaty mess only 15 minutes into the class and it never lets up for the hour.  I haven’t worn a heart rate monitor, so I don’t know precisely how many calories I burn, but I know it’s a ton.  The workouts vary every class between things like hills, endurance, speed, etc., so it’s never boring or the same thing twice.  It not only helps my physical strength, but builds mental strength too.  It gets hard and uncomfortable in there, but there is always an end and if you allow yourself to get there, it feels great!

In other news, this lady is coming to visit today!  I’m so excited to get to spend time with her.  David is off to Las Vegas this weekend for a Bachelor party, so it’ll be nice to do some girly things too like get pedicures.

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  1. Me + Spinning = Love. Seriously, sometimes (like today) even more than running! I have the BEST teacher–we should try to go together sometime!

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