Sedona Recap + Chocolate Mousse Smoothie

We had a great time in Sedona.  We got there and walked around downtown and ended up eating at Oaxaca, a Mexican food restaurant.  We immediately ordered the chips and salsa with some drinks.  I was talking and ravenous for dinner when it came so I forgot to snap a picture of our food, but I ordered some shredded chicken tacos.  They were good, but nothing out of the ordinary.



There is the picture of the top tier of our wedding cake a year old.  For being stored in the back of our freezer with no attention for one year, I think it looks fairly good.  David ate it and said that it also tasted very good.  I went to Sprinkles and got myself a vegan red velvet cupcake for the occasion since I’m no longer eating eggs and dairy (and wheat, but it was a special occasion, so I picked the lesser of all evils).

We went to a little dive bar and ordered a few more drinks after dinner and then went straight to sleep!  In the morning, we leisurely woke up (or at least I did).  David brought me Starbucks in bed and then we went to our wedding site to hike around.

Our “wedding” picture one year later.  I think we look slightly different.

It was so good to have a little get-a-way with just David.  We had a great time together (as we always do).

Today’s Breakfast

After my run this morning, I realized that 7:30 is almost getting too late to run outside due to the heat or me being out of shape. When I got back, I was craving a smoothie bowl…. IT’S BAAACK.

I made the best one I’ve ever had today too.  It was very light and airy, like mousse!  I could eat this as dessert too.

Chocolate-Banana Mousse Smoothie

Vanilla Nutriboost (which I hadn’t tried before, but it was good) – Protein powder would work just fine (or it doesn’t even have to be used)

Almond Milk


Cocoa powder

Chia seeds – handful

Xanthum gum – pinch

3 ice cubes

I just eyeball the amount of ingredients; I never measure.  I use a protein powder scoop for the cocoa powder and probably add about 1/3 of the cocoa powder into that.  If I would have had some spinach on hand, that would have gone in there too!

I have homework (and studying) up to my eyeballs, so I gotta stop procrastinating.  I also have a needy dog that needs to go to the park.  Happy hump day!

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