Insanity Round 2

I had a great weekend with my mom this past weekend.  We went shopping, got manicures and pedicures, cooked, got acupuncture, and just hung out avoiding the massive heat wave we Arizonans are currently enduring.  For all the Arizona people, we went to a place called Bloom in Gilbert and it was amazing.  They have every health or beauty service you could think of with independent contractors renting spaces, but they use common areas and you can book all services together online.  I highly recommend Mia Landato or Daisy Tran for manis and pedis.

Services offered

I think I was burnt out from the semester because I didn’t want to do ANYTHING! My new semester is already in full swing too.  It started bright and early Monday morning.


I have decided that since I quit my job as a personal trainer, my fitness level has slowly decreased.  It’s getting too hot to run as much lately (my excuse) and I just haven’t been good at getting as many workouts in each week.  With that said, I decided to kick it into high gear and start round 2 of the Insanity challenge.  I completed the challenge the first time a year ago and got toned the best I ever have.  It goes heavy on the squats:) I actually started Monday and am using Tuesdays and Sundays as my “off” days because I’m in clinic for 9 hours on Tuesdays.  I always like doing some drastic when my fitness plan needs a swift kick in the ass.  Here is a review of the program I did last year.

Insanity provides the following benefits:

1. Major core work without crunches

2. Massive amounts of cardio

3. Strength training

4. Quick and effective.  It takes much less time than driving to the gym and doing a workout.

5. No brainer.  I don’t have to think about my workout for the day; it’s done for me!

6. Fast results

I highly recommend Insanity if you’re looking to lose some weight and get toned!


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