Friday Favorites

This week has been a whirlwind… Sedona, and studying for finals ever since.  It flew by and I have no idea how it’s Friday already, but I’ll take it.

Favorite technology.  Everyone who knows me knows what I’m not that into technology.  I’d be great with a year 2000 cell phone and as for TVs, I can’t even figure out how to turn them on most of the time.  This technology, however, is slightly different in my mind.  A Sprinkles cupcakes ATM machine!  Check this baby out.

Favorite summer salad. Caribbean jerk salmon bowl with mango salsa.  This looks like a homemade Chipotle bowl, but better!  Recipe here.

Favorite summer dress.  I have another one coming too, but I love color blocks, so this one it perfect. I found it on a website that I’ve never seen before, but they have a lot of other cute stuff too and the prices are fairy affordable.  Miss Sellfridge website.

Favorite refresher.  These look amazing.  I love flavored water.  I hate ice cubes, but I think I would love these because I love popsicles too.  Perfecto way to flavor water in the summertime!


Favorite refreshing dessert.  Can you tell it’s getting hot in Phoenix? Between this and the fruit ice cubes, I apparently need something refreshing this week.  A glass of milk with chocolate ice cubes served in a sugar rimmed glass sounds amazing.  I won’t be consuming this due to the dairy issue, but you all should and FAST!  This heavenly little treat was featured here.

Favorite healthy snack. No-bake peanut butter balls with just 4 ingredients – oats, honey, peanut butter, and nonfat powdered milk.  There is a milk substitute that they have at Whole Foods that could work for me too!  I could use just sub in some dates and that would be great too!  Get the recipe.

Another Favorite pastel dress. I love open backed shirts and dresses.  I also love ruffles.  They are so chic and feminine and I think this dress could flatter a lot of people with the A-line shape to it.  This is a Kirribilla dress, which also sells wedding stuff.  This dress could work as a bridesmaids dress too!


Favorite Ahh-ha Moment. At the beginning of this semester, I was dreading it like the plague.  I was taking way too many credits and none of the classes interested me too much.  They were all just classes I had to get through… the ones that I had saved for the end of the program… the odds and ends.  I am sooo ecstatic to say that I’m really really  close to the end.  I have 3 finals next week and I’ll be finished on Wednesday and my mom comes to town that night too.  Summer semester starts the following Monday, but Ahh-ha, I can see the touch the light at the end of the tunnel and I made it!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  Good luck if your racing.  I’ll be studying for the 3 remaining finals, but I’m great with that:)

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