Friday Favorites

I have been MIA this week because on Tuesday night, I felt like I got hit by a truck.  I had the chills and fever, sore throat, runny nose, and the worst body aches I’ve had to date.  This lasted until yesterday evening and I’m still only feeling about 90%.  I guess flying got me this time!  I wasn’t online much this week (or doing anything productive for that matter), hence the lack of blog posts.

Favorite throat soother.  I bought these for David a few months ago at Sprouts Market and I think they worked like a charm!  I really noticed a huge difference after I sucked on one and the relief lasted like an hour, which I feel is longer than other drops. You can purchase them at any health food store, such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Sunflower, etc.


Favorite cold preventer.  I take this whenever I’m going to fly or at the first sign of a cold.  I was not smart and didn’t take it on my flight back from Minneapolis.  I took some Monday night and felt fine Tuesday morning and then stopped.  By Tuesday night, I was sick.  You have to keep taking this for a day or so after the cold symptoms subside.  You can purchase this at a health/natural foods store or from an acupuncturist or naturopath.  The packaging looks slightly different in stores.


Favorite list.  Here is for all the Starbuck’s addicts that are looking for the “skinny” drinks on the menu!


Favorite smoothie. Peanut butter lover protein shake.  There are several renditions of this smoothie, but this one reminded me of how good they really are.  Just throw in some peanut butter, protein powder, almond milk, banana, and ice cubes and you have yourself a great drink!  Find the recipe here.

Favorite running shirt.  I’m a sucker for new workout/running gear. I am in love with cute singlets.  I hate when workout tops are too tight and ride up your stomach when you move.  I much prefer looser fitting clothes (this is no surprise to anyone who knows me); I hate tight fitting clothes.  This Lululemon singlet is perfection (with the exception that it costs $68).

Favorite allergen-free dessert.  I have been scouring the internet for desserts to make that are wheat, gluten, oat, egg, and dairy free and it’s near impossible!  I know there are some out there, but they have weird ingredients that I don’t have and they look difficult to make.  These grain-free “oatmeal” creme pie cookies are inspired by Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies, which used to be another favorite.  I’m going to attempt there someday soon!  Recipe here. P.S.  I love The Urban Poser.

Favorite shorts.  I found these shorts on this blog, but I’m not exactly sure where they are from.  I think either Banana Republic or J. Crew.

Favorite furry friend. I don’t actually know this dog, but he/she is precious just basking in the sun!  I want him (along with Otis).


Favorite dinner recipe.  Crock pot chicken taco chili.  I think my lack of eating real foods for the past few days have me salivating, but this looks amazing!  The recipe can be found here.

Okay folks, that’s it for the week.  I hope you all have a great weekend and stay healthy.  I hope to be back to 100% and get my life together.  I had the flood, Minneapolis, and then I was sick, so I need to get my life together.  Thank God for a wonderful husband that has taken such great care of me.

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