Friday Favorites

I missed last week with the Friday Favorites, so here’s it’s return!

Favorite home decor idea.  I love the tree in the corner of the room.  I also love the color scheme and chandelier. This blog has so many great girly home ideas!  When we move, this website will be bookmarked.

Favorite dress.  I just bought another dress from Anthropologie last weekend that I love, but as I was browsing through their dresses again because I do every week, I noticed this little gem.  Check it out here.

Favorite TV show.  I don’t watch a ton of TV, but this one caught my attention after my mom introduced it to me last November.  I absolutely love Emily Van Camp as an actress.  This is the ultimate scandalous TV show.  With the story line, I didn’t see how it could go more seasons, but they assured me in the finale, that it’s totally possible and in fact, it’s taking over Desperate Housewives spot on Sunday nights in the fall.  I cannot wait:)

Favorite fat-free, gluten-free, vegan cookies.  My mom and I actually made these last weekend, but I scarfed them down too fast to take pictures.  I think they are great.  People that eat dairy, eggs, and gluten might not think they are as good as regular cookies, but they were a much needed enjoyment to my palate.  Get the recipe here.

Favorite home addition. Can I just make this my own space and I’ll study here, work here, and sleep here?  What a perfect little space!


Favorite inforgraphic.  I think I’ve shared my love for infographics, so here is another one for you.  I think this is so interesting because we always feel like we are missing nutrients and here they are all spelled out for us!


Favorite foodie idea.  I love avocados and I used to love eggs before the food allergy thing, so I think this is amazing!  There isn’t really a recipe for this.  All you do is cut out the center for a egg to fit in there, keep the avocado skin on, then put your egg in there and cook for a minute or two on the stove in a non-stick pan and there you have it!  Original photo here.

Favorite birthday gift idea.  How pretty is this package? I love this simple idea!


One last Friday favorite is the fact that it’s a holiday weekend!  I hope you all are doing some fun and stay safe!  We’re having a pretty low-key weekend around here, but it’ll still be nice nonetheless!

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