Monthly Archives: May 2012

Veggie Sloppy Joe Bowl

This week has felt like a whirlwind to me.  Due to the holiday on Monday, I barely know what day it is!  We have had lots of celebrations going on since Sunday also — going away party, birthdays and a gender-revealing dinner for another friend.  I had school all day yesterday and today, so I’veContinue Reading

Lazy Memorial Day + Weekly Workout Plan

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! This weekend David and I had a nice relaxing one that was spent together nearly every minute of the 3 days we had off! On Saturday morning, we picked up our bountiful basket for the week!  We never know what we are getting, so there is a little bit of anxiousness thatContinue Reading

Friday Favorites

I missed last week with the Friday Favorites, so here’s it’s return! Favorite home decor idea.  I love the tree in the corner of the room.  I also love the color scheme and chandelier. This blog has so many great girly home ideas!  When we move, this website will be bookmarked. Favorite dress.  I justContinue Reading