Unfortunate Flood

Well I woke up yesterday with high hopes for the day… I planned to walk Otis, go to my first zumba class in years, run some errands and work on a few school projects.  I got home from my walk with Otis only to find water leaking from my ceiling.  I immediately called the maintenance phone number and notified them.  Meanwhile, water everywhere in the kitchen, I moved stuff and took some deep breaths.

After a little while, the maintenance men came over and looked and told me that the man upstairs had forgotten to turn off the water and accidentally fell asleep (the apartment complex turned off the water earlier, so he didn’t realize that apparently and didn’t turn the facet off!)  His apartment was majorly flooded and we got the remnants of it.  Well a long story short, I didn’t get anything productive done yesterday and my roof in the bare kitchen is destroyed.  I have no electricity in either the living room nor the kitchen and can’t use the water in the kitchen either.  I guess that means 0% of my food will come from my home and it’s convenience foods or eating out for us for the next couple of days.  There are MASSIVE fans to dehumidify and dry the air that sound like the loudest blow dryer you’ve ever heard and feel like a sauna.  Here’s the scene:

Otis went stir crazy today with all the people in and out of the house and me having to lock him in the bedroom.  He’s the hard part about this situation because I can’t leave him but I can’t take him very many places and it’s piping hot in AZ now!  For now, I guess I’ll eat Larabars, dried fruit, and Kombucha and try to make the best of this. We are going to Minneapolis on Thursday night, so only 2 more days of it!

For now, David is in the bathroom cutting watermelon.  I have no idea what he thinks he’s doing with the dishes.  Yesterday was one interesting day.


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  1. Oh no! That is just crazy! I hope your apartment complex will give you reduced rent or something for this mistake and lack of safe living conditions. Do you have a dog crate for Otis? That would be a simple method to keep him confined. I hope this gets fixed ASAP! If you ever need someone to watch Otis (and assuming he likes cats, kids, and other dogs), he’s welcome to stay over here!

  2. Thanks Megyn! The apartment complex finally agreed to pay us for meals and electricity used on this. They should be out of here tomorrow and then just do the carpentry stuff but that shouldn’t be as big of a deal! We do have a crate for Otis. Today I just took him with me everywhere.

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