The Essence of Time

The other day, David and I were talking about some events that have happened in the past couple of years and I realized how much I think time is flying by.  There are days when time is crawling but looking back, I have no idea where the past 5 years of my life went actually.  I did a ton… I graduated college, worked, moved 5 times, traveled abroad, started dating and then eventually married David, adopted a dog, started and (almost) finished my masters degree, watched my sister get married and a whole lotta other events!  I was thinking about time and how subjective it is when it is meant to be such an objective thing.

In the moments when you want time to go fast, it goes slow

In the moments when you want time to go slow, it goes too fast

When we are young, we can hardly wait for time to pass

When we are old, we want time to go slower

We are constantly looking forward to the next thing in life, but we are always looking at the past wishing it was still here

When we want time to go faster, we are simultaneously wishing against aging

With each day that passes we are closer to our ultimate destiny

Each minute during our life is the exact same in reality, yet some seem so fast and others seem so slow

Each person views the past minute slow or fast relative to what they were doing

As we wish time away for the next best thing, we will look back in several years and wonder where it all went and give anything for one more minute doing what we did for the past several decades.

Time is a precious essence and something that we can never get back no matter what.

Don’t look back and want more time.  Instead, never take any moments for granted.  Remember time.  Cherish time and don’t look back in regret.

photo credit: MuseumWales via photo pin cc

What do you think about time?  Do you think it’s going slow or fast for you?

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