Motivation Monday

Spring is almost gone (here in AZ) and summer is definitely on the horizon.  With that, comes the short shorts and bikinis.  Since I quit my job and have been on a different schedule and home more (with more access to food), I feel like I have been eating more and I feel like in March, David and I were more lax with the healthy eating.  With that said, April is here to the rescue and I’m on board for a great month of getting back to the basics and keeping up with the exercise.


I exercise plenty.  I have planned workouts 5-6 times per week and try to keep them 40-60 minutes each.  I alternate several workouts between running, circuit training and weight training, sometimes doing two workouts per day.  This is a good place to start I think.


Since I am no longer working as a personal trainer, I’m not up and moving quite as much. I still don’t sit on a computer all day, but I could stand to get moving a little bit more during the day (and Otis would be sooooo happy too).

Healthy Eating

I love eating healthy food.  It tastes better to me than greasy processed crap (although I can’t deny that I love some stuff), but after it hits the lips, it makes me feel bad.  David and I have been eating out a few more times than I would like in the past couple of weeks and that always adds unwanted calories and fat to my diet.  I also need to stop the boredom eating.  I eat now because I can.  I eat a hearty bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and then I want something else to eat an hour later.  These habits need to stop!


On the Jillian Michaels podcast, she talked about how she used to binge eat and eat for all kinds of other reasons than real hunger.  To stop this process, she really had to live in the present moment.  She told another listener that when you are wanting food, ask yourself “am I actually hungry?”  “Did I just eat an hour ago?”  If you are actually hungry, then eat! If you are not actually hungry, you need to tune into what is actually going on and figure out if you’re stressed, sad, happy, bored, etc.  These are not reasons to eat, so figure out something else to do with that energy until it really is time to eat.  I have thought about her saying this quite a few times in the past few days.  While it’s great advice, it’s really hard to do, but this is my goal.  I have had to do this countless times in my life to get myself back on track and this is going to be another one of those times!

I’m actually excited to get myself together and start feeling better.


I’m going to challenge myself to eat all healthy meals for the next week.  That means Monday-Sunday with no cheat meals.  Usually, my weeks for healthy eating are Monday-Friday afternoon with a few slip-ups here and there.  I need to befriend veggies again and maybe stop being so close with the sugar!  

Do you need to work on something this week or month? Start today!!

Does anyone else have a similar goal that maybe we could keep each other accountable?  I’d love a buddy in this!

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