Gratitude List + New Peanut Butter

I was listening to the Jillian Michaels podcast this morning and she was talking about what to do when you never feel satisfied with your accomplishments.  She read a large study that followed numerous people for 70 years (I have no idea how, but they did).  The outcome of the study was that people that were extra-driven actually ended their lives feeling less satisfied than those that weren’t as driven.  The extra-driven people never looked at their accomplishments as such and therefore, were always looking for the next best thing and were never satisfied.  Jillian pointed out that she was this type of person also and she thought it stemmed from an actual insecurity and how people feel the need to prove themselves.

This resonated with me greatly!  I am this person.  I have a huge problem with being present and being grateful for my life at this moment.  I am constantly looking either back or forward.  This has been something that I’ve known about myself for a long time; it’s gone on since I was a little kid.  I view very few of my accomplishments as actual accomplishments and I constantly striving for more.  Being driving and striving for more is necessarily bad, but it is wrong not to celebrate accomplishments and bask in glory for the present.

A couple of months ago, I downloaded an app called “Thankfulfor.”  You can go into it and write down what you are thankful for at any given time.  It’s so darn easy to get wrapped up in the negative aspects of life and society.  Once I start thinking about these things, it’s downward spiral for me.  I dwell on them, get down and then I have a hard time remembering what is positive.  Each day, I try to write down 3 things I’m grateful for.  They are not always big and profound either.  Sometimes they are as simple as the sun is shining today, I have my health, and I love my family.  This app just gets you to remind yourself how great your life really is!

There are such negative things going on all around us.  Fighting, politics, family drama, health problems, traffic jams, weather disasters, etc. that it’s so easy to forget about what we do have… so think about it:)

You can do public or private messages

In other news, I’m also grateful for the new peanut butter I found on Amazon the other day.  It’s called PB2 and it’s powdered peanut butter.  It tastes identical to real peanut butter and it is made of peanuts, salt and a sprinkle of sugar in the jar.  The manufacturers took out the oil in normal peanut butter so that this product has 85% less fat than regular peanut butter!  I use it in my smoothies and on oatmeal, but you could sub it in for whatever else you use pb in.  Just add water or milk!  P.S. it makes a great dip for fruit if you just add more liquid to it.

Has anyone else tried PB2?  I think it’s my favorite thing in the kitchen right now.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Ali! I was obsessed with PB2 a few years ago. I’ve switched back to regualr pb but it is great to put in shakes to give you that peanut butter flavor. yum!

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