Friday Favorites

I had a class end last week and my back muscles were tight again, so I didn’t work out much this week, so I had a little more time for internet browsing.  Hence, the extra long post. With that said, here’s another round of Friday favorites!

I love this white dress!  It looks as if it could be dressed up or down and her look is really cute!


With the temps hitting the triple digits this weekend in Phoenix, a raspberry lychee sorbet with champagne looks awfully refreshing.  Sylvie was a smart lady to pair dessert with a cocktail!

I love love love my Nike Frees.  Every other time I’ve gone running shoe shopping, I’ve had to go with what shoe works for my body and put the aesthetics of the shoe on the back burner.  This isn’t to say that all running shoes are ugly, because there are definitely some beauties out there, but I love the colors of the Nike Frees… they are all so fun!


I also love maxi dresses.  I feel they are even less fuss than a regular sundress for some reason.  This BCBGeneration dress is adorable.  I think the ruffles in the front are really cute with this dress also!


How cute are these for a party?  I’m pretty sure they are the perfect way to serve chips and dip.  This definitely eliminates the double dipping problem anyways. Check out this blog for the scoop (pun intended).

I love this coat closet in the entry way of a house.  It’s fresh, clean, perfectly organized and chic.  What more could you ask for?


I thought this was just a pretty picture.  I think cherry blossoms are one of the prettiest flowers that bloom in the spring!  They are so reviving after the winter.

So I’m pretty sure I’m craving dessert in general right now, but especially cold (because it’s so hot here already) and creamy desserts in particular.  This cheesecake in a jar looks like it would completely hit the spot and I’d probably eat the entire batch if I made that right now. Someone make it and let me know how it tastes or I could just lie to myself and pretend that there is no dairy in that!

I am obsessed with bedding.  I could change my bedding every season if David would let me and I could afford to do so.  David will only sleep with white bedding because he thinks it’s a more reviving way to wake up than darker colors.  With this said, I think plain white is a little boring, so patterns on white is perfecto.  I also don’t think he would go for the dark gray walls, but I really like that part too.


How about we turn a child’s trampoline into this beauty?!  I think I could probably be comfortable dying here.  I’ve always wanted a hammock type of thing and this looks better yet especially in that tropical climate in the background.


That’s the end of my favorites this week.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I’ll be in my 3rd to last weekend of school for the semester.  Yay for the countdown:)

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  1. I’m with you on summer dresses! But maxi dresses are no bueno for me as I’m short with short legs lol! Also, if you want a creamy treat (and like PB), I’ve found some good options: peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar and melted choco chips on top (stick in fridge/freezer to firm up), silken tofu mixed with chocolate syrup/nutella/PB/whatever (makes amazing, protein–rich pudding), and homemade vegan frosting mixed with PB. All are diary free and delicious! Thanks for sharing your faves 🙂

  2. diana says:

    I love your friday favorites! i want that lovely bed with the canopy..just put it by the ocean and call it a day!

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