FDA Meets Disaster

Everyone has heard of the Food and Drug Administration.  You know, the government organization that is supposed to be “protecting and promoting your health.”

They had a big chance to do something HUGE for the American public and they failed.  They had a chance to make bisphenol-A (BPA) banned from our food and drink sources. BPA is a synthetic estrogen used to harden plastics and cans.  They decided that they didn’t have enough scientific evidence to determine that BPA was, in fact, harmful to the human body.  They are going to continue studying BPA in the future to possibly refute their findings.  I think they should probably do a revision of their mission statement also!

They ignored all the scientific evidence that BPA is a carcinogen that alters our hormones.  It’s been linked to obesity, cancer, thyroid disease, diabetes and a host of other health problems.   It’s an estrogen, so the problems with early menopause and girls getting their periods earlier and earlier are tied to consumption of this!  For each American, there are 6 lbs. of BPA produced per year.  Let’s think about this… even if there isn’t a 100% correlation between BPA and health, wouldn’t you think that if there was this strong of a possibility, we would rather be safe than sorry?  I don’t even think there is a question, but they do.  Apparently we don’t employ that concept anymore, because it’s really a free-for-all with chemicals these days.

The FDA recommends that consumers not put hot or boiling liquid that they intend to consume in plastic containers made with BPA. BPA levels rise in food when containers made with the chemical are heated. The agency also recommends all bottles with scratches should be discarded, as they may harbor bacteria that could lead to greater release of BPA.

I think that education is the key here.  Please don’t let organizations such as the FDA dictate to your what is healthy and what is not.  Do your own research.  There are a ton of hidden agendas going on right now, and there are several examples where the FDA actually doesn’t have our best interest.  It’s up to us now people!

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  1. The FDA. I could think of another meaning for their initials! I could really start to rant about this, because the FDA is not actually in it to keep us healthy. I watched a few movies and did some research about them and low and behold it was true. The FDA wants us to eat and take what will make the most money on.

    The pink glob of yuck that is in the meat a majority of people eat? Its “okay” to eat. It is enhanced beef so they say. Good think I get my meat from happy free running non grain eating animals 🙂

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