The Benefits of Oatmeal and Toppings

I made the best oatmeal today and have to share it with you guys!  It’s nothing too out of the ordinary but the flavors tasted perfectly together and it was packed full of nutrition!  I made old fashioned oats on the stove and then combined almonds, 1/2 of a banana, chia seeds, agave nectar, and a little bit of brown sugar.

The Nutritional Benefits

Almonds: Brain health, high in folic acid for all the pregnant ladies out there, aids in weight loss, good for the heart, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, prevents colon cancer, boosts energy!

Chia Seeds: Heart health, increases energy, relieves rheumatoid arthritis, alleviates inflammation in the body, controls type II diabetes, helps with mental health, anti-aging!

Oatmeal: Improve general health and longevity, reduce blood pressure, increase heart health, alleviate constipation, increase athletic performance, and anti-cancer.

Bananas: Provide energy, relieve constipation, improve mood due to vitamin B6, help your memory/mind, reduces menstrual cramps, reduce hangovers and effects of nicotine withdrawal, keeps blood sugar levels normal

Agave Nectar: Low glycemic index sweetener, treats wounds because of its antimicrobial properties, increases satiety (fullness), anti-inflammatory, immune booster, effective in weight loss.

On another note, this morning Otis and I ran 4 miles after he was so restless in the house.  We was again awful on the run.  He was running all over the place and then stopped every few steps at times.  He was all over the place.  Dog owners… how do you keep your dog in check on the lease? My arms got just as much of a workout as my legs during this run because I was constantly pulling with all my might on the lease. If you have any advice, please let me know!

I have a new addiction.  Draw something is like pictionary on a phone!  Try it, it’s addicting fun!

Wheew… that was a hodge podge of a blog post!


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  1. My dog is a puller too. My pup is smaller than Otis, but I know what you mean about an arm workout!
    It looks like you have the retractable leash like I do, when I run, I keep it shortened so he’s not all over the place. He’s still led my his nose, so he darts into the grass for any reason every now and then, but he’s getting better. In time, he’s also learned to not sprint, but he’s figured out my pace a little better. He’s also seemed to learn, “wait,” kind of unintentionally, but when I say it, he turns around to look at me and waits until I catch up.
    I heard about anti-pulling collars, there is one that is like a harness, but the leash attaches in the front, so if they pull, they spin themselves right around and one that goes over their nose (but it’s not a muzzle and it doesn’t hurt them) and I think it has something of the same effect. My friend recently told me her dog figured out the no-pulling thing pretty quickly when she switched to that one. But, when I went to the store to look at them, the savvy sales guy told me, “…or you could just train him not to pull in the first place.” Touche. So, my little guy is going to manners school starting tomorrow and I hope that helps.

  2. I will have to try adding some chia seeds into my oatmeal. I now add, honey, banana and some sugar free yummy has stevia, but not a lot and sometimes some granola.

    My boyfriend is huge on dog training. He has done this with all his animals and it works like a charm. But my LORD it takes a while and you need to have patience…hence why my little pug is a monster 🙂

    He takes his dog for a walk, the dog walks on his right and does not stop. If he stops then they go back to a spot he didn’t stop and start again. A quarter mile walk will take an hour in the beginning, but they learn.

  3. Ali what have you noticed different while eating chai? I have heard they help with energy, etc. what are the benefits? Oh, and about your puppy….we use harnesses for our dogs, I have a crazy puller (crazy on our runs) but it helps.

    • I have noticed the inflammation in my body go down. They are the highest food in omega-3 fatty acid which is the anti-inflammation fatty acid, besides flaxseed. They are higher than salmon. They also have a good amount of protein and fiber in them. I haven’t noticed the energy thing directly, but they are such a great superfood and so easy to add into whatever your eating, so I figure why not. They take on the flavor of your food completely!

  4. I love your post, dude. I’ve tried to male lots of smoothies with oatmeal. Great mix with bananas and honey, diana. I like to add there yogurt and more fresh fruits. I have never made about chia seeds although I heard a lot about it. I gonna chech this out. Thanks for nice idea.

    P.S I hate dogs. But my boyfriend had the dog like yours one. And he did the same stuff. That was pretty lovely. Unfortunatly, his dog was died.

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