Portion Distortion

David got his wisdom teeth out!  So… naturally, I’ve be transposed into a nurse for the last couple of days and it’s midterms and on and on…excuses.  I haven’t properly cooked anything that doesn’t consist of ice cream, potatoes, pudding and jell-o, so I don’t have any great pictures to make you salivate.  I did do a workout on Tuesday night at the gym that incorporated some weight training… I need to get into that WAY more because I’m still sore.  I have been running a few miles each day with Otis to keep his energy under control also.

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Since it’s Friday and I’m sure we’re all ready to indulge a little bit, I’ll leave you with an infographic about portion control!  You can enlarge this here.

I hope you all have a happy weekend.  I’ll be back with some good things next week…

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