Lazy Girl’s Treadmill Workout and Med. Alert

I have been in a haze for the past couple of days with bad allergies.  I’ve been trying lots of things to get them to go away and have had only slight success.  Warning: I took Mucinex DM on both Friday and Sunday only to find out that I was wide-awake throughout the entire night both times and also felt extremely dizzy, nausea, nervous and had no appetite.  All of these symptoms are the complete opposite of me usually.  I never have any trouble eating or sleeping and I couldn’t do either for the life of me.  I researched it a little and pseudoepinephrine, the decongestant in these medications causes these symptoms. If you’re feeling weird and taking a decongestant, check that out first!


I am now taking herbs and I need to get in for WAY more acupuncture treatments.  I also went to Fast Med and got a prescription for some a nasal spray that is supposed to work well!  Wheew

So naturally, I didn’t feel like doing a crazy intense workout, but I knew that I needed something.  I headed to the gym because outside is off limits for me right now and hopped on the treadmill to complete a hodge podge 3 mile run.

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I feel better now that I got out and got a workout in.  Now the studying for midterms begins.

I am feeling guilty because this little boy is begging to get outside!  He’s being so good though:)

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