Friday Favorites and Random Musings

Favorite “Lara Bar” Recipe. German chocolate fudge bites from Chocolate-Covered Katie.  The base of them is dates (like Lara bars) and they are gluten-free/dairy free, which is always a plus!

Favorite Summer Flip-Flops.  I love Havianas flip-flops for comfort and the fact that they are cute is an added bonus.   I am in love with these colors and feel the need go to buy them ASAP (especially since my dog chewed up my old Gap standby flip-flops).

Favorite Person I Saw This Week… Mark Wiens.  I traveled abroad for the first time with him to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  We were close friends in college and he still resides in Bangkok.  It has been way to long since I’ve seen this man!  He blogs at Migrationology about all things food and travel!


Favorite Strength Training Workout of the Week.  I actually even did this one twice.  At the New Year’s, I made a goal to lift weights 2 times/week.  I haven’t been doing too terrible with that if you include circuit training.  I’m going to follow David’s (my husband) fitness program!

Favorite Place Domestically I’d Like to Visit ASAP – Washington DC.  My friend Mark just posted a photo essay about his recent visit and I’ve heard such great things about it and I want to see all that it’s about.


Favorite Tropical Asian Place I Want to Show David – Bali.  I’ve been thinking about travel a lot this week and this is one place that I want to take him to.  He loves the beach and this place is paradise.  I traveled there in 2009 by myself for a little bit; it was so great to practice yoga, eat organic food, run and relax by myself, but this time I’d like to share it with someone.  Never underestimate the power in traveling alone though.

Favorite Quote.


This weekend I hope to get out on some trails and bask in the beautiful weather and nature… something I don’t get enough of.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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