Monthly Archives: March 2012

30 Tips for Health and Happiness

We all know what to do to be healthy and happy, yet there are a lot of us that are missing something, so here are 30 ways to achieve health and happiness!

Chia Seed Pudding

I made a new recipe in my kitchen last night and saved it for this morning’s breakfast!  I originally found it on Eating Bird Food here.  I modified the recipe slightly and came up with blackberry vanilla chia seed pudding.  It was a great change from oatmeal but still in the same family.  I have talkedContinue Reading

Weekend Recap + Salad Dressing Recipe

Where did the weekend go?  One minute, we have a promising weekend on the horizon and the next, it’s Monday morning.  David and I had a great weekend and were super busy!  Let’s back track. Friday night, we saw the infamous Hunger Games along with $155 million worth of other people over the weekend.  ItContinue Reading