Mom Visits!

Since this past Thursday, my mom has been in town to celebrate my birthday (which was last Sunday). We were busy ladies between shopping, cooking, and going out for lots of meals… sounds rough I know!  I went to Nordstroms for a professional bra fitting.  I was shocked at the size she said I was… I bet you would be too!  My sister also did it a little while ago and she was shocked as well.  They say that not many women are actually wearing the correct bra size.  The bras I’ve been wearing couldn’t have been doing anything for me!  Glad I got the issue fixed. We had a great time.

This lil' boy was happy to meet grandma

On Friday night, we went to Pizzeria Bianco.  We shared the market salad, local greens with red wine vinaigrette, margherita pizza, and the marinara pizza (with no cheese) with fennel salami.  It was just as good as the first time!  I haven’t been eating any wheat, but for this occasion I made an exception.  Following dinner, we got some pinot grigio with some gluten-free black and white cupcakes.  Perfect night!

On Sunday, we cooked all day (actually my mother did a lot of the cooking).  We stocked David and I’s refrigerator and freezer with meals for a while.  We made pot roast with roasted carrots, potatoes and onions, turkey chili, tomato fennel soup, kale chips, and oatmeal bars.  I’ll be re-capping the recipes in the upcoming posts! Here’s a preview of the pot roast.

I'm still salivating over it

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