Great Urban Race – Scottsdale 2012

Since I decided I wasn’t going to do the 1/2 marathon (that’s taking place next weekend), I wanted something else that was fun to do.  Ragnar Relay was this weekend, but I didn’t have time to quickly coordinate that event, so the Great Urban Race was perfect!  I didn’t have school, it was a running event, and David and I could do it together!  This is a rendition of the Amazing Race; obviously this is only local.  This year it was in Old Town Scottsdale.  They gave us a clue sheet with 12 clues on it that we have to figure out 11 of them (without a time penalty) and then go to each one and do a challenge there to “check it off” the list.  It started at 12 and we had until 5 pm to complete.

David and I sat down immediately when we got the clues to figure out where they all were to get a plan of action.  Turns out there were about 3 in one direction and then about 5 in the complete other direction = about 6 miles difference.  We were allowed to use public transportation, but you never know when that’s coming, so we ended up not using it and ran/walked the entire thing.

The Clue Sheet

Clue #2: Scottsdale Sidewalk Shop.  One team member had to ride a skateboard through cones.

Clue #3. We both had to trace either a “6” or a “4” that was duct taped on the ground with a can of beer on our head.

Clue #9.  Hall of Frames. We had to guess a movie out of 5 pictures they gave us.  The movie was “Raising Arizona” but by the clues they gave to us, we would have never gotten it, so another kind team told us.  We also had to take a picture inside to prove we were there.

This is a map detailing the 12 unpredicted miles we ran yesterday.  When signing up, I had no idea that we would run this far.  I was highly unprepared starting with training obviously, then the food and drinks I consumed earlier in the day, the clothes I wore, etc. I was thinking that it would be in a more concentrated area and we would run maybe 7-8 miles… but, nope we got 12 in.  We also got off track somehow and went 1.5 miles in the wrong direction…didn’t help my cause.

After the last clue was completed we were still about 2.5 miles away.  We were going to take public transportation like the other 20 teams sitting there waiting for the bus, but then we realized that we probably wouldn’t even be able to get on the bus at this point, so we ran back.  David and I were pretty much silent because we were dehydrated and exhausted!  We ran as hard as we could (which was a slow crawl due to me) so we could beat the bus and not have to wait for all of those people to check back in.  It took everything I had, but we actually succeeded in beating the bus!   WOO HOO

At the freaking finish line! We got back at 4:30ish.  The race started at 12, but by the time we had mapped everything out and started running, it was about 12:40ish.  Personally, I haven’t run a marathon (or 1/2 marathon in a long time, so this was a loooooong time to be out runnin’.  Honestly, I felt like I had when I ran my first 1/2 marathon or first marathon, but in the end it was fun to get out there and force myself to run 12 miles.

David did this a couple years ago with a friend, but it was in Tempe and he said that the clues were much harder then (they were extremely easy this year), but that the area was much more condensed.  He thought they ran about 7 miles total.  I would have much preferred this!  There was only 1 clue that was actually in Old Town Scottsdale and the rest was definitely outside it’s perimeters.  Despite my issues, which were definitely nothing but my issues, this is fun and they have them in every major metropolis in the coming months, so check it out!  You don’t even have to be a runner because you can effectively use public transportation.

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun! That is a lot of miles to cover – especially since you didnt know you’d be doing that many! The medal is really cool – I think my husband and I would have a blast doing this together next year!

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