Friday Favorites

I have quite the random mix as usual.  Here’s what I had my eye on this week.

Favorite versatile clothing item. The Versalette from Revolution Apparel.  These two girls started an organic clothing line.  The versalette can be worn 15 different ways!  Check out their story and website here.

Favorite home remedy for hair.  Use a teaspoon of epsom salt, a few drops of olive oil and 1/4 C. of water and spritx on damp hair to create waves.


Favorite infograpic. I didn’t know this many people were celebrating my birthday (or the superbowl;)

Favorite simple home update. Use rustoleum oil bronze spray to get rid of gold hardware.


Favorite makeup idea. Simple but kinda glitzy, kinda like me!

Favorite race I signed up for this week.  The Great Urban Race in Scottsdale, AZ on 2/25/12.  They have them all all major cities!

CONFESSION: I decided yesterday that I’m going to postpone a half-marathon in lieu of this race.  My body doesn’t feel ready to pile on the miles (from my back injury), so I don’t want to push it yet and go back to square one.  My body is happy running 5-6 mile runs a couple times a week, so I’m sticking with that until things get a little stronger!

Favorite dinnerwear. Anthropologie Sissinghurst Castle Dinnerwear.

Favorite living room wall color. Grey and white.

Favorite prospective vacation.  We were talking about someday going on a cruise, so I researched them this week.  Here is a Alaskan cruise.

Hope you all had a great week as well!


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  1. Hi Ali!!

    I have been keeping my eye on the Versalette piece for a while – and I was glad to see that you can pre-order them right now (just need to decide between Navy and Gray) 🙂 I LOVE their idea, its completely up my alley.

    When I try the salt water trick, my “beach” waves never look like that lol – I guess that’s cuz I have pin straight hair 😉

    And cruises are the bomb-digity 🙂 Go on one if you can!! I’ve never done an Alaskan (all have been tropical) but they look amazing!

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