Desert Botanical Garden

This past weekend, I went to the Desert Botanical Garden for my botany class.  I had never been there, but was pleasantly surprised to see nature (something I feel I lack in daily life where I live).  They made the cactus, trees, and other flowers and plants look beautiful.  If you live in the Phoenix area, I strongly suggest you take a peek at this little gem.  For those of you outside the Phoenix area, here is a peek at what the wilderness of Arizona looks like!  Enjoy.


Have you ever been to the Desert Botanical Garden and what did you think about it?

Have you been to another city’s gardens?

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  1. I’ve been there quite a few times, but usually for a fun event. I was in a wedding there, went to a jazz happy hour and went and saw the Chihuly (sp?) exhibit there. Glad you enjoyed!

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