Monthly Archives: February 2012

Circuit Training Workouts

These are some sweaty circuit training workouts I’ve compiled over the years.  Circuit training is great for getting a hard workout in with less time and gets your heart rate up higher than traditional strength training. They’ll make you work! Pin It Pin It Pin It This workout is a quick one, but good!  Do this… Continue Reading

Back and Bicep Workouts

Here is a composition of back and bicep workouts I’ve put together. Workout #1 Back Flies 4×20 Rows 4×20 Plank Windmills 3×20 (this video was done by my previous bosses) Dumbbell Bench Pullovers 4×20 Bicep Concentration Curls 4×15 Hammer Curls (fast) 3×90 seconds   Workout #2 This workout also incorporates the shoulders and triceps. Do each… Continue Reading