Weekly Favorites

Here is another round of all my favorites from the week!

Favorite Race Idea.  On March 11, there is an inaugural half marathon that starts and ends at Petco Park in downtown San Diego.  I’m just longing to see a beach lately and running in that air sounds more appealing than the Phoenix air right now.

Favorite picture of Otis.  I know I’m probably biased, but I haven’t featured him much on the blog lately.

Favorite hair style.


Favorite piece of jewelry. 

Melissa Joy Manning

Favorite winter bedding.

Le Souk

Favorite brunch food. Blueberry cream cheese grilled cheese.  Can I just say yummmm?!

Via Pinterest

Favorite vacation dream spot.   I think I could be happy in the Maldives for a little bit…

These are where my dreams have been this week!


What have you been dreaming of this week?  

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