Pizzeria Bianco

This post has been a long time coming… For David’s birthday clear back in November, we ventured out to Pizzeria Bianco. We have been wanting to go here forever for the fantastic food, but the waiting times were scaring us away… or so we thought.

For those of you who don’t know, Pizzeria Bianco is supposedly one of the best pizza restaurants in the United States and I think the best one in the Phoenix area. Because of it’s popularity and extremely small space, I’ve heard the wait times are usually around 2-3 hours during busy times.

Since David’s birthday was on a Wednesday, we chose to go that day because we also figured the waiting times would be less than say a Saturday night.  We are early eaters anyways, so we went at about 5 pm.  Much to our surprise, we just walked in to the restaurant and sat at our choice of table!  Score!

The restaurant is located in the heart of Phoenix in a little, old space.  The menu is extremely simple, which just a two appetizers, a few salads, and a handful of pizzas to order.  If you’ve noticed, it’s always the most simple restaurants that are the most successful.  They are experts in making just a few wonderful dishes instead of being mediocre at several.

Bread and Olive Oil

The salad that we ordered was very simple but wonderful.  It was mixed greens with goat cheese, bread crumbs, sauteed onions and a vinaigrette sauce with lots of herbs for flavor.

Market Salad

We ordered the marinara pizza because it comes with no cheese since David doesn’t like it.  It has tomato sauce, oregano and garlic.  We also opted for the fennel sausage as well.  The pizza was truly like no other we had had before.  It was amazing; they used spices and herbs that totally made the flavor delectable.  I didn’t even notice that there was cheese missing!

If you live in the Phoenix area, and have not been to Pizzeria Bianco… GO!  Don’t get scared by the wait times… they definitely have off peak hours and the prices are great too!

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