Half Marathon Training Update

I just wanted to touch base on the half marathon training.  I have still been training and it’s going great!  I’m actually a little bit ahead of the schedule right now and my cardiovascular endurance is better than I anticipated it was.  My long runs have looked like:

January 15 – 6 miles

January 19 – 7 miles

January 26 – 8 miles

I had to switch my long run days to Thursdays because I have much more time on that day than the weekends with my school being every other weekend, traveling, etc.  I felt strong enough yesterday to complete one more mile than the training schedule called for (which was 7 miles), but I think next week, I’ll only run 6-7 miles and then bring it back up again the following week.  I haven’t been getting as many mid-week runs in as I would like, but this schedule has been working great for me.  I’ve been incorporating at least one HIIT or Tabata training workout on the treadmill each week, one more 3-4 mile run, and 2-3 circuit training with weights workouts.

Here are a few workouts we’ve been doing at work!

Back and bicep workout
Full body workout
Legs workout
Cardio legs workout

This weekend David and I are off to visit his parents in Sacramento, CA.  On Saturday, we are road trippin’ to San Francisco for a couple hours.


How is your running/workouts coming in the New Year!?

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