A Year in Review: 2011

At the end of each year, I love looking back and reflecting on what went on both good and bad and then make a game plan for the upcoming year.  2011 was a year of big things in my life with lots of mixed emotions.  I had the most wonderful things happen to me and at the same time, there were times I didn’t feel like I was going to make it out alive!  I’m glad to report that I am alive and I think that everything that went on made me stronger and also brought my husband and I closer than ever.
Big Events in 2011
  • David proposed to me on October 2, 2010 and we got married on May 7, 2011 in Sedona, AZ at a small, intimate ceremony out on the red rocks.  This was the best weekend of my life.  We had a great time with our family and close friends.  The wedding planning process, however, we a slightly different story.  There were obviously really fun things about planning a wedding.  My mom was so wonderful in planning our wedding.  She was the craftiest person I’ve ever seen and made pretty much everything for the reception down to the most intricate details imaginable.  As with all weddings, there were some extremely stressful times trying to coordinate everyone.  All in all, it worked out and David and I are married and on to our life now.

  • We adopted a new family member, Otis.  He’s been the best source of joy for both David and I.  We love him more than words can explain.  He has the cutest little personality and although he’s a six month old puppy and can be very naughty, we can’t stay mad at him ever.  I’ve realized that things are just things and can be replaced if needed.

Favorite Part of School

  • I got to start chipping away at my 900+ clinic hours.  This is where I got to witness why I was in school and the fun began.  I am so glad that I chose this profession and every time I go to clinic, exciting things happen!

Favorite Vacation

  • My favorite tropical vacation was when David and I spent Easter weekend in Kauai, Hawaii for our pre-wedding honeymoon.  Due to my school schedule and the fact that we have primarily accountants in tax season in my family, we chose to have our honeymoon during this long weekend!  It was a wonderful, stress-free five days.  We were on the north side of the island in Princeville, which is incredibly quaint, so we hiked and played in the ocean for the majority of it!

  • My favorite family vacation was when I got to visit Minneapolis for my little sister’s Bachelorette party in early August and then go back to Scottsbluff, NE for her wedding three weeks later.  It was a fabulous weekend to spend with everyone that’s close to our family.
  • We also took another family weekend trip to Las Vegas with my mom, sister and her husband, Dave.  We had a great bonding time here as well.
Favorite Holiday
  • We spent our first Christmas together in my hometown with my mom, sister, her husband, Dave, my grandparents and my aunt, uncle and cousins.  We had the best weekend and I feel that we all got closer again.  I can hardly wait to live in that neck of the woods in Denver!

  • I also have to say that I spent David and I spent our first holiday alone on Thanksgiving this year.  We had to make our own traditions and it was a blast.  We had a slumber party with Otis, ran in the morning, and ate Thanksgiving food.  It was a wonderful day with my little family.

Other Fun Things of 2011

  • Several other important people in our life also were getting engaged and planning weddings!  David and I got to go to Austin to see my best friend from high school get married, my little sister got married at a big ceremony in our home town (more on that in a minute) and two of our other couple friends also were in wedding planning mode.
  • I started blogging.  I was reading a lot of healthy living blogs each day and decided to take the plunge and create my own.  I did very good at keeping up with it for several months, and then fell off the wagon the last two months of the year.  It started to feel like an assignment for school that I should put on my to-do list everyday.  I burnt myself out and it didn’t help that my computer was slightly old and took way too long to upload a picture.  Now, I feel rejuvenated and have a brand new MacBook Pro, so no more excuses, although I won’t be posting everyday most likely.  I’ve loved all the potential that having a blog creates.  I’ve gotten to connect with some amazing people and even meet-up with a few minimalist bloggers in the Phoenix area.

These are the big things that happened to us this year.  We are grateful to everyone who shared the journey with us.  I’m thankful to everyone that kept my grounded when I thought jumping off a cliff might be easier than facing the stresses of school, work and wedding planning (I was never actually going to jump off a cliff… that’s just a metaphor).

Up For 2012

In 2012, we have another huge year!

  • I will be finishing school in December of this year!  I thought I’d never see the day, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have to jump through some big hoops to get there, but I know with the support I have, I’ll get there.  I have 30 credits this Spring semester, 3 national boards and a thesis to write as well as tying up some other loose ends!
  • We will be moving to Denver at the end of my school.  I’m not sure of any details yet, but David and I have always said that we want to get there as soon as possible and that is December!

Question: What are your 2011 superlatives!?

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