New Family Member

I’ve been MIA again… I’ve been all over the place (both physically and mentally, if you know what I mean).  I’m coming back to regularly blogging again though:)

Last Saturday, I was at school and David called me and said that he went to PetsMart to look at a rescue of dogs.  He saw this lil’ one and called me and asked if we could have him.  We had been talking about getting a dog for months now, so I took a leap of faith and said YES!  I was at school all day and couldn’t wait to come home to meet the little guy.  While I was away at school, he was tired and scared I guess because he slept all afternoon never getting up.

His name is Otis and he’s a corgidor, a mix breed of a labrador and welsh corgi.  Now, I guess he’s comfortable with our house because he’s definitely acting like a 4 month old puppy.  He is just great though… he melted my heart right away and the rest is history.  We are working on training him now, which I knew was a huge job, but my does it take a lot of time!  I feel like I’m a mom to a toddler with as much as I have to watch him, but I love him:)

The disciplinarian in the family

Hiding his bone

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