Three Benefits to Vibram Five Finger Running

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to try to up my mileage a tad.  I had been doing the Galloway method of running covering 3-4 miles.  I just went out on the road and started running with the anticipation of doing 5 miles.  Once I got out there, I realized that I hadn’t actually just started running on the streets aimlessly in a year.  I really really missed it.  When I have gone running in the past few months, I go to a park nearby that has a .75 mile dirt track.  It definitely serves it’s purpose, but it was so nice not to run around in circles!  I made it 5 miles… and my calves were aching after about 3 (due to Vibram shoes).  The Vibram Five Fingers are great to strengthen your feet and learn how to properly run, but I think it’s time to interchange them with some other minimalist shoe.  I have a great affinity for less supportive shoes now because otherwise I majorly heel strike, which causes injury.

Bikila Green


I got a massage on Monday and the massage therapist told me that if I stretched for 20 minutes before the run and for about 5-8 minutes afterwards, my back should be okay.  I did that and my back muscles were significantly less sore!  I skimp on stretching frequently, but now I’ve learned.

Three Benefits of Running in Vibram Five Fingers

  • Improves strength in the feet and lower legs.  My calves are consistently sore, but I can tell them are getting more muscular and have more muscular endurance.  There isn’t the cushion that is in typical running shoes, so the feet must feel more and stay stronger.  This will also reduce the risk of injury.
  • Improves posture.  By lowering the heel lift, your body will come into natural alignment and your body weight is distributed evenly in the feet.  This will help to improve posture and promote correct spinal alignment.
  • They are so much lighter and more freeing.  I never noticed how bulky and heavy typical running shoes were.  When I ran in typical running shoes after running in Vibrams, I felt weighed down!  You move more naturally!

On other news, there was a study done that showed scientifically how acupuncture works!  This is huge news for acupuncturists.  It will help us prove that it works well and the possibility of it becoming more mainstream.


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