Pita Jungle

Last Friday, David and I decided that we wanted to go somewhere for dinner to get out, but didn’t want to spend a fortune, so Pita Jungle popped into our heads.  Pita Jungle is a trendy little place (actually there are like 8 locations in the Phoenix area) that serves healthy delicious food.  They have a ton of mediterranean-inspired dishes and pretty much anything else you could ask for.  I have to play eeenie-meeny-minny-mo (weird spelling) to decide what to get every time I go here.  I love their broiled chicken pita with tzatziki sauce, blue corn nachos,  hummus and tabouli, and their veggie burger.

"Green" meets "meat-eater;" the perfect combo

Awkward Disclaimer: I was so excited to eat my food when it came that I ate half of my food before I remembered to take a picture.  The food probably won’t look appetizing, but mark my words folks, this place is a winner! 

After much deliberation, I went ahead and ordered the veggie burger.  It comes on the best grainy whole-wheat bread with roasted red pepper, mixed greens, tomatoes, and onions.  On the side is their garlic roasted potatoes and tahini.  Yep… just what I needed after a 12 hour workday.  I also ordered a Captain Morgan mojito, which was one of the best mojitos I’ve had to date.

I spy a mojito in the background

David ordered the black bean burger, which also looked delicious.  It came on a grainy bun with all the veggies and with blue corn chips and pico de gallo (unpictured).

David was more responsible with his food and kept his plate organized

Everyone that lives in the Phoenix area, this is a must-try!  It’s very reasonably priced, has a big variety of great healthy food, and can be any atmosphere you want it to be.  I’ve gone here after hiking for 2 hours and as a date night; either is just fine! I give it 5 stars.

On a completely different note, can ya’ll believe that Holly and Blake from the Bachelor Pad are engaged?  Poor, poor Michael.  I can say I never saw that coming.


 Do you watch the Bachelor Pad?  

Are you happy who won?  

Are you excited for Ben (from last season) to be the new Bachelor??

I loved him:) He won my heart for Ashley last season.

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  1. I looove Pita Jungle – it is one of my favorite restaurants. I like to get their 1000 Beans, it sounds weird but its delicious 🙂 I totally agree that you can go here something casual or for a date night, I’ve done both – although I think the last time I went after a long hike we called ahead and got it to go 😉

  2. Have you ever had the glazed chicken lavosh pizza? It is probably the most delicious thing on the menu. Definitely not the MOST healthy haha, but not bad if you split it! I also love the broiled chicken salad and the turkey pesto lavosh wrap! Pretty much everything, let’s be honest :O)

  3. Nice. I will have to try it. My wife had a favorite place called Pita Pit in Utah. We have been looking for a pita place here in AZ.

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