Barbell Strength

Yesterday was a lazy, yet semi-productive day.  I actually made it to the barbell-strength class for the third time .  This time our teacher had us lift heavy weights and we did less reps.  We typically did 4 sets of 16 reps.  I actually liked this workout.  Personally, I prefer to do less weight and more reps because I like that burning, noodle feeling.  The sensation is different when you do heavy weights for less weights, but nevertheless, still as intense.

When I got home, I needed to study.  I ended up studying about blood vessels for 5 hours and my husband was studying for his test for work ALL DAY too.

We decided that we needed a treat for working so hard, so we ordered Papa Murphy’s take-n-bake pizza, while we my husband watched football and checked his fantasy team every play. I forgot how much I loved Papa Murphy’s!  We get the deLite pizza with thin crust and for toppings we did green bell peppers and pepperonis.  It hit the spot after a long day of studying and prepping for the upcoming busy week!

Both our brains were mush from studying, so all we had to do was this.

All in all, a great choice:)

Tomorrow, there will be a great Phoenix restaurant review!


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  1. Oh I so wish we had a closer Papa Murphys! We also had pizza for dinner last night, and the boyfriend studied for real, and also ‘studied’ a lot of football!

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