Jeff Galloway Running Method

As I’ve said again and again, I am just getting back with running very slowly.  I want to get out there and run 10 miles, but I don’t think I’m in any shape to do that and my back would hate me and go on strike again!  With that said, a couple of years ago when I was living in Denver, I met up with some people that purely train doing the Galloway method to running.

What’s the Galloway method?

This is where you alternate running and walking.  There are obviously numerous methodical ways of doing this, but the way we did it that day two years ago and how I did it yesterday was run 3 minutes alternate with 1 minute walking.  When I first tried it, I actually did it for a 12 mile run.  When I was finished running, my body felt like I had run the equivalent to about 7 miles and the thing is, it didn’t take very much more time, if any at all.

I think this is a very smart way of training for people that are new to running or as my case, coming back from an injury.  On top of coming back, I’m also trying to convert to running in Vibrams and, by doing this method, I can run a lot further, which is better conditioning for me.

When I was training for the first few marathons, the group I ran with would do speed workouts once a week on the track and this is what that felt like.  We would do various timed intervals of sprinting or running a little faster than normal and then walk for an equal amount of time.  This method can be good for speed training by running faster or an active recovery day by running slower…you choose!

With this hill, I should have thought "Galloway"

The people that I first tried this with, ran this way all the time.  They qualified for Boston doing this.  I saw this for myself, when you are actually running, you can run quite a bit faster with a 1 minute walk at the end of 3 minutes.  I think this method is very interesting and I think it’s useful for a lot of people!  I want to get back to running straight through, but if this is what I gotta do for the time being, I’m in!


Have you ever tried this?

Anyone heard of Chi Running?


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  1. Ali, Great Info 🙂 I am training for the P.F Changs marathon in January and Knowing that this works as efficient as running straight I might try it in some of my runs.

  2. What is Chi Running exactly? I looked at and it just said it lets “gravity do the work” and it “teaches you to run safely and efficiently” but didn’t really say any specifics. Hate running but sure wish I didn’t.

  3. I tried Jeff’s method this morning and really enjoyed it! I want to try and do the PF Changs 1/2 again this year but am out of shape!

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