Healthy, Homemade McGriddle

Happy Labor Day!  I hope many of you find yourselves having a fun, relaxing day.  I know I am, but the husband on the other hand, has been studying for the Series 7 test for work ALL weekend:(

Today I woke up and decided that I wanted to go for a run.  I actually ran outside (in Phoenix in September at 8:30 am)… Wheewww.  It was a little hot, but honestly, not THAT bad if you love the dripping sweat look. I only ran about 3 miles, but thankfully I’m starting to build up again.

When I was done, I accidentally pulled into Starbucks to treat myself to a soy chai tea. When I got home, I wanted a savory breakfast, so I opted for an french toast egg white sandwich.  For those of you that think food combining is weird, this might not be the post for you.  I know that I’m not that weird though, because otherwise there would be no McGriddle.  Don’t worry, mine was no where near as unhealthy as that thing.

In 5 minutes, this baby was 1/2 gone

I started with Ezekial sprouted grain bread for the french toast.  For the eggs in the french toast mixture, I used pure egg whites, vanilla flavoring and a dab of almond milk.  I have no idea the measurements, because I just kinda go with it.  I’m not picky about my bread…anything will do.

I would have preferred to use regular eggs because I need to increase my cholesterol, but the date was up on them and I didn’t feel like eating rotten eggs.

I scrambled the egg whites, threw it in the middle of the french toast and then poured some syrup on top of it!  YUMMM.

Healthy, Homemade McGriddle

It was this good…

And instead of reading about blood in Anatomy and Physiology II, I’m opting to read:


What’s everyone’s plans this Labor Day?!

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